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Family and Portraits

“Family; where life begins and love never ends.”

As a wife, daughter, niece, granddaughter  and most importantly, my favorite; a mother,  I have come to  realize the importance of family in my life. Since you are here I know you feel the same way to0. It is with our families  where we feel the most connected. I love capturing  genuine moments shared with families. From family reunions, to playing in a sandbox, to opening your doors to your home, or meeting at your families at a beloved beach house or camp. I’m always inspired to photograph real moments shared with loved ones of all ages here in the state of Maine.

Also be sure to ask about the day in the life of portrait session which captures all of those unseen moments you share daily, like seen here. A  portion of the Day in the Life of photo shoots will go to a local charity in honor of  your family.

I’m so looking forward to chatting with you about your personal needs of your cherished family photos.


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       Since I was a little girl I have always been memorized by the power of a photograph. I was and still am intrigued by everyones history, which makes them who they are today. To me photography is a very powerful art form that allows you to stop a moment in time and cherish it for years to come. Investing in these wonderful moments, milestones and celebrations in your life is  a gift for generations to come for you and your loved ones. Picking the right photographer is so important and connection tells a story.  Lets see if we connect so we can make your moments priceless.


Mini Sessions

I offer mini sessions only once or twice a year. These sessions are on site/ specific location, where clients come for a short amount of time for a fun filled session with a beautiful set.  These sessions have limited amount of space and are on a first come/sign up, first served basis. To find out more be sure to  subscribe to our mailing list and or follow us on social media.

Day In the Life:

If you are interested in a more candid, documentary photo session/ essay of your family reach out to me. These sessions are wonderfully real, intimate, fun and powerful. Photos start from your family waking up to going to sleep. Due to the uniquely awesome aspect of this form of photography contact me for a custom quote.

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