Lynsie & Derek | Fall Wedding | Epping, New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited to finally share this wonderful wedding, after a week with out power I have been eager to get these images out to this amazingly fun couple and my last wedding of the 2017 wedding season!

Lynsie & Derek are a fun loving couple, who clearly loves each other and their family and friends to the moon and back. They are genuine proud NH folk who I had the best time with. The couple has a strong love for all things rusty and antique which are two of my favorite things . Every detail was thoughtful and unique. One of my favorite memories from their wedding day was during the ceremony when Lynsie walked down the isle guest started to clap and cheer, which brought such joy and spirit to the ceremony.

They had a big beautiful tent in the middle of a big field filled with unique findings from the property owner along with a row of campers for family and friends to stay. It was like a super fancy back yard wedding where you felt right at home.


Thank you for allowing me to capture your special day and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you guys.

Love & Joy


P.S. This wedding was the first time I went on a  man lift for a shot of the tent in the dark.



Photography: Maine Tinker Photography

Photo Booth : The Maine Photo Camper

Venue: Private Property

Day of Coordination: Nicole Mower Events

Flowers: Flowers by Leslie Heidi H Designs

Second Photographer: Heather Noonan Kelly

DJ: DJ – Get Down Tonight

Food: Hart’s Turkey Farm

Getting Ready Location:

Rentals & Tent: Exeter Event and Tents

  1. How did you guys meet?

    We met in the 2nd grade, but didn’t start dating until a few years after high school
  2. Any word of advice/ wisdom for couples?

    Always be friends first
  3. If you could redo 1 thing what would it be?

    Honestly, not one thing!
  4. Engagement Story?

    I had a marriage pact with a childhood friend that kicked in at 25, Derek waited until the day after my 25th birthday to propose to make sure I really wanted to marry him. He hid the ring in our downstairs fridge and asked me to grab him a beer
  5. Favorite part of wedding planning? Most stressful part of wedding planning?

    Favorite part was definitely getting my dress, most stressful part was RSVPs
  6. any other fun details you want to share?

    We camped on property the entire weekend and kept the party going long after the reception ended, and we’d highly recommend it to anyone!
  7. Are you going on a honeymoon? If so tell us!!! It gives couples ideas on where to go!

    We did! We spent a few days in Miami right after the wedding then family members met us for a 7 day carribean cruise
  8. Each of you tell me your favorite thing about one another and your biggest pet peeve of one another 🙂

    Derek- I love how on top of everything Lynsie is, if it’s happened, she knows about it. Biggest pet peeve would be how many dishes she leaves after she cooks. Lynsie- if it’s broken , derek can fix it. He’s so social, it takes forever to leave a party
  9. What was one of your favorite things working with the Maine Tinker team?

    Their energy and passion! There’s nothing better than working with someone who truly loves what they do!


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Jess & Conor | An Elegant Nautical Wedding & Celebration | Cape Elizabeth, Maine Wedding Photographer

2 years ago Jessica reached out to me to photographer her fall wedding, she mentioned she was the sister of Sarah (who was a colleague of mine at Cape Elizabeth Schools as the PE teacher) from that moment I knew we were a perfect fit. Jess also told me the connection of her main squeeze Conor who was the son of my old boss. I love when photography collides with my personal life becuase it is an advantage when you know people at the wedding esp. key players.

We had fun sending emails about their location, details, and their engagement photos, until one day I had a message from Jessica telling me they had to post pone her wedding due to breast cancer diagnosis.  We soon became virtual friends, some passed pen pal notes and I began to follow her heroic and positive journey through her social media.  As time passed their plans for a 2017 wedding started happening, everything stayed the same same weekend, same location and thankfully same photographer 🙂 .

Guys… this woman fought a heroic battle. Jess became the top fund raiser for Tri for a cure in memory of her mother who recently passed away. Watching this woman stand up to  cancer and all of her families hardships the one thing I noticed was the calm and loving pretense of Conor always supporting her with a watchful eye. This is love, in sickness and in health.

Needless to say their wedding day was bigger than marriage it was a joining of two families who were meant to be together as one, it was a day of celebrating life, and memory for loved ones who passed. Every detail in their wedding had meaning and thought behind it. The day was a beautiful foggy autumn day in Maine and couldn’t of been more perfect for this lovely couple.  We even got to debut our second camper Ricky with a pink backdrop to add to their day guests were lining up to get their pic snapped in there. This wedding had a few tears, but it was overwhelmingly out numbered by smiles and laughs.

Thank you so much for asking me to capture your day.

Love & Joy







What was your favorite moment/ memory of your wedding day?There were so many!  The photo booth was so much fun but my favorite moment was when we were swept away to the bright red tree right after the ceremony.  Having that time together in the field alone with the fog rolling in felt like a magical fairy tale.  It also provided us with a few private moments to share together to take everything in.


How did you guys meet?We knew of each other growing up as we went to the same school. I actually had Conor’s father as my 7th grade math teacher! We met later in life through mutual friends who secretly arranged a get together to set us up.


Any word of advice/ wisdom for couples?Marry someone who will shave your head, give you shots and medicine, cook for you when you are weak, take care of you through surgeries, comfort you through loss, and managed to make you feel more beautiful every day.


If you could redo 1 thing what would it be?To have met Conor earlier in life.


Engagement Story?We went for a run on Scarborough Beach the day after Christmas and he proposed when we finished.. He wore this purple 80’s wind breaker which I thought was so odd. Little did I know it was because it had a huge pocket to carry the ring during the run.


Favorite part of wedding planning? Most stressful part of wedding planning?I loved every moment of planning my wedding and including things that were meaningful. Every time I got stressed I would step back and remember how lucky I was to just be alive to plan it.


Any other fun details you want to share?Include things in your wedding that are special and unique to you as a couple.


Are you going on a honeymoon? If so tell us!!! It gives couples ideas on where to go!After the year we have had we are planning two honeymoons. One in the US and one abroad. We also took two days at the lodge to unwind, open gifts and reminisce.


Each of you tell me your favorite thing about one another and your biggest pet peeve of one another 🙂Conor-favorite thing? There are too many! Jess-how Conor can make us all laugh during the toughest times. We must be in marital bliss because neither of us can think of a pet peeve!.


What was one of your favorite things working with the Maine Tinker?How creative Siobhan is with her pictures and how supportive she has been through my diagnosis. They were like family to us and I just loved having them be a part of our wedding. If they hadn’t been our photographer they would have been a guest!


Venue- The Wentworth Lodge in Cape Elizabeth

Photography : Maine Tinker Photography

Photo Booth: The Maine Photo Camper (Ricky)

Hair- Bellissimo

Makeup-Makeup by DanaFace

Videographer-Mehler Productions

Food/Drinks/Set Up-Kitchen Chicks


Flowers-Fiddleheads Florist 

Additional Flowers: scattered around the venue were from my great Aunt and Uncle-Audrey and

Lester Jordan (they are well known local farmers and my great aunt recently passed)

Bridal shop-Madeleine’s Daughter

Shoes-by Nina 

Bridesmaids dresses-by Sorella Vita

Jewelry-necklace for bridesmaids were hand stamped by “Becoming Jewelry” and the bride and junior bridesmaids jewelry was from D.Cole Jewelers (my sister wore my mothers wedding band around her neck and my mothers ring and my niece wore my mothers emeralds in her ears-they were from her wedding band and I made them into studs).  My necklace was my mothers diamond from her engagement ring and was my something old.  They dime that I kept in my dress was from my sister that she believe she found from my mother and was my something “borrowed.”  The handkerchief had a blue “M” for Mary for my something blue.  

Dress-by Stella York

Gifts-were handmade ornaments by the bride using treasures found on our beach in honor of my

mother, Mary Lee Jordan

Ties-were from “The Tie Bar”

Signature Cocktail-Irish Mule, in honor of Sean Casey (Conor’s brother)

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The W Family| Gorham Maine Family Photographer

Nothing is better than spending an evening with a beautiful family in the fall in Maine.  This family is just about as cute as they come. The little ladies kept us on our feet and boy was it fun! So many genuine laughs and a reminder to always embrace the goofy. Thank you for asking me to capture your lovely family on your beautiful property.


Love & Joy



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Alexa and Shaun | A Wild & Rustic Affair | Lovell, Maine Wedding Photographer

When a creative bride who is also a photographer reaches out to you to photograph your wedding you instantly feel two emotions… excited and nervous! Alexa and Shaun  were 100% supportive of my creative vision of their  wedding day and want to thank them for that! Their wedding day was so thoughtful, creative, family and detail oriented. There was so much meaning and intent on every detail in their wedding day.

The barn was completely redone and overhauled for their wedding day. I loved seeing the pride pour through them sharing it with their family and friends.  I loved how they incorporated their pups and grand mothers in their wedding day. Anyone who knows me loves when people reuse things, their decorations and signs even 1 bar was made from items pulled from the barn. Even the groom made his boutonnieres for his gentleman with fishing lures which reflect this couples passion for fishing seen in their engagement photos here ! Even the cuff links with deer antlers. This couple  I mean who doesn’t love a creative wedding in an old barn in Maine among foliage, bonfire and dancing?!! Here on out when ever I hear the song Footloose I will always think of Alexa’s serious dance moves!

Thank you for asking me to capture your wedding day!

Love & Joy


  1. We loved seeing all our ideas and dreams come to life. We planned this wedding from start to finish with the help of so many family members & friends. Homemade signs were created out of old barn wood, I strung placards across old found shudders, our friends and shaun created a homemade bar, homemade corn hole boards, extra large jenga, & mini golf. The bonfire started up just after dinner and provided warmth for the instant fall day or was a nice break from the dance floor.

  2. At the Chatham Squire back in their hometown. She was waitressing and he was having lunch with his mom. She mentioned to a coworker that she thought he was attractive and oddly knew him and told him to come back later when she was off her shift.
  3. Never go to bed mad and don’t be afraid of being different.
  4. wish we had a bigger dance floor; we let our guests eat some of our cake-we had way too much left over.
  5. he proposed to me under the elm tree at my parents farm where we got married and danced our first dance under at our wedding
  6. favorite part: little details that would pop into my head and seeing them come to life. Most stressful part was making sure all the vendors knew and had everything they needed to be self sufficient the day of the wedding.
  7. the bear rug and red stag were both hunted and eaten by our family. The blue vases we used to pour water for our rock ceremony are identical family heirlooms from each side of the bride and grooms family.
  8. Just got back from Montana. Bozeman;Glacier National Park; Missoul ;back in Bozeman. Brew hopped and fished all over MT.
  9. Shaun’s Favorite thing about Alexa is how spontaneous and up for pretty much anything she is. Biggest Pet Peeve: Her long hair is everywhere, particularly in our drains, and she’s not the best at steadily cleaning that hair out. Alexa: fav thing about Shaun is handy and capable he is of almost anything-he’s my solution for everything. Biggest Pet Peeve: he procrastinates until the last minute on things-where I am a planner.
  10. I felt like I was hanging out with a girlfriend-I felt so comfortable around you! You are so fun and creative as well-so we work well together.


Photography: Maine Tinker Photography

Hair & Makeup: I Do Spas

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Flowers: Field Floral Studio

Music: Boston Beats (Garrett Lynch)

Venue: Bride’s Parent’s Property

Caterer: Blue Elephant

Rental Company: A Plus Rentals

Bar: Maine Bar Association

Video: Shannon Meserve

Second Photographer: Amanda Whitegiver

Venue/ Barn: restored by family and friends

Boys Suits: Tuxedos On Broadway (S. Portland)

My Dress Brand: Allure and bought at Chatham Beauty & Bridal (Chatham, MA)

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