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Jenny & Timmy |East Chop Beach Club Wedding | Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Photographer

One of my bucket list destination weddings came true this July and it couldn’t of gone better with a great team and most of all AMAZING couple! I had a blast with this couple at their stunning engagement session seen here. Jenny and Timmy originally were going to get married in Maine but Jenny grew up in Martha’s Vineyard and was feeling the pull of home. Around the holidays the couple decided to switch locations, so we did too! Nothing like putting some Mainers on Martha’s Vineyard . I love destination weddings because of the unknown, I actually do really well and thrive in a new environment. The couples first look and portraits was down at the original site of the movie Jaws! I mean come on how cool is that? Their ceremony was held at a beautiful and small light house known as east Chop Light, and they boogied the night away with music from an amazing DJ and Band the boogie at the East Chop Beach Club. I loved hearing all of the stories of the couple where they grew up, the connections to the island etc. There is just as much pride as Mainers have for Maine is Islanders do for Martha’s Vineyard.  One of my favorite images of Jenny at her ceremony with happy loving tears streaked all the way down her cheeks. Thank you for a wonderful night, we had a blast!

Love & Joy




What was your favorite moment/ memory of your wedding day?It’s hard to pick one thing but I did enjoy the first look. First time seeing him was wonderful, calmed my nerves gave a special moment together. Also, I don’t think I’ll ever forget when Timmy said his vows. His eyes turned red, tears filled his eyes and streamed down his face. His voice was choked up too. I’ve never seen him cry in our six years together and that was really special to me and then of course I cried too.

How did you guys meet?I met Timmy through his cousin Chrissy. Chrissy is my best friend from college. A bunch of us friends went to Chrissy’s family cabin in Maine to hike for the weekend. Timmy was there too. After hiking the white mountians we went on our first date.

Any word of advice/ wisdom for couples?Remember that it’s your day, do what makes you happy

If you could redo 1 thing what would it be?Have cake at our wedding! Never got a piece! Oh well!

Engagement Story?He took me back to the restaurant that we had our first date

Favorite part of wedding planning? Most stressful part of wedding planning?I was trying to make everyone happy and that really stressed me out. Took me awhile to realize this is when I get to be selfish!

Are you going on a honeymoon? If so tell us!!! It gives couples ideas on where to go!Yes, we’re in Maui, Hawaii right now:)

Each of you tell me your favorite thing about one another and your biggest pet peeve of one another 🙂Favorite thing about Timmy- he always make me laugh and always willing to help out others, pet peeve- he comments too much about my driving. Favorite things about jenny, her sense of humor, she’s quick and witty, pet peeve– uses social media a lot


Photography: Maine Tinker Photography 

Photobooth:  The Maine Photo Camper 

Special thanks to Jody Ward my rock

Makeup–Trulayna Rose, friend’s sister

Bridesmaids Dresses– Davids Bridal 

Ties — Brooks Brothers

Venue– East Chop Beach Club

Dj- Sterling Bishop

Band- The Boogies

Coordinator/Flowers– Mia Rebello

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