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The 365 Project | A Daily Photo for 2019 | Maine Family Photographer

Happy New Years Eve Everyone! I can’t believe I am saying this … but the  2019 365 Photo Project is complete. I did it! My year-long personal project to take a photo every day for one year is complete! Last year I took on the goal of photographing a photo every day with my camera, while this year I allowed my self some wiggle room and used my phone for quite a bit of photo especially this fall.

Looking at our day to day life through this slideshow makes me realize how wonderful our life is and how hard Geoff and I work. So many emotions are felt.  Some highlights were a trip to England and France, Quebec, New Hampshire, and many moments exploring Maine land and sea. This year we lost two beloved fur babies but gained a new little fur baby named Oscar who has big shoes to fill. Most importantly 2020 we will be awaiting the arrival of our new son and hope he enjoys the journey with us and has fun on many of our daily adventures and routines. 2019 Evenings were filled with books, crafts, soccer and dance classes and mainly my kids being goofballs. Some days I had more motivation and went on an expedition to seak light and adventure while other days we had messy hair, boogers, and PJs. I hope one day my children can look back and see how much love I felt for them and share these images in years to come with other generations of our family. I am so proud of these little ones and myself for completing this.

My next goal is to make a photo book for myself and each kid and print my favs. Next Year I may do the 52-week challenge but to be honest, I still will leave the camera out on the counter and do a picture every day. One thing will be different for 2020 that I will let go of the guilt and rush if I didn’t get one, but I have a feeling next year I will do more with my camera vs phone.

I hope this inspires you to do one. You do not need to have a camera to take a photo per day take out your phone and curate images per year. But if you are a photographer or aspiring one this project will make you think outside the box and take time for your family. Thank you, Geoff, Rourke, Onora and our close family and friends for being good creative sports during this project I am so lucky to have you as my family and can’t wait to continue to capture your life as long as I can.

Love and Joy




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